Live Healthy Live Well  is a team of Ohio State University Extension Educators in Family and Consumer Sciences concerned with health and wellness.  Our goal is to help individuals improve their health through research based information.  These educational messages are designed to encourage individuals to make informed choices about healthy eating, active living, overall improved wellness.

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Get Your Elves in a Row! Challenge

Does the holiday season find you rushing around trying to accomplish too much? Do you feel overwhelmed with your tasks? Can you use some encouragement and guidance but don’t have time to attend classes? Give our Get Your Elves in a Row! email challenge a try.      

The “Get Your Elves in a Row! Challenge” is an on-line challenge designed to help participants improve their health by encouraging ways to add regular movement, mindfulness techniques and healthy eating to their lifestyles. Join us to learn food preparation tips to help make your holidays easier. Participants will learn ways to simplify their schedules and gift list and to embrace positivity. Is it time to de-clutter? OSU Extension professionals will share tips to help you organize your holiday decorations. Learn suggestions to help you downsize and simplify your life.

Do you need a little extra motivation to help you get started on your journey? Join us for this Get Your Elves in a Row! Challenge. This six-week challenge will help you learn ways to simplify your life in a healthy way. You will explore topics such as gratitude, mindfulness, positivity, movement and humor. Participants will have access to supplemental information available on Blogs and Facebook and through Text messaging. All participant information will be kept confidential.

How does it work? Adults with an email address can sign up to participate in the program. Once registered for the program, participants will receive two free weekly e-communications, containing wellness tips. A calendar log will be available for download to help participants track their progress. Pre- and post- online-survey assessments are used to collect comments to improve future challenges and track participant progress.

Interested in participating in this on-line challenge? Sign up by following this link to enroll: . You will be enrolled and begin receiving e-communications starting the week of November 25th. While Facebook™ will be utilized; participants only need to have an email address.

Print a copy of the “Challenge Calendar” log. This log is optional, you can also use a web-based or phone app for tracking.

Contact: Michelle Treber, for additional information.