Websites with up-to-date factsheets on Food Preservation

  • Ohioline, OSU Extension - Several of these factsheets would be good resources if you haven't preserved food in a few years - "Basics for Canning Fruit", "Basics for Canning Vegetables", "Canning Basics" & "Freezing Basics"
  • National Center for Food Preservation - USDA Factsheets and links to food preservation information around the country, link to a PDF version of the "Complete Guide to Home Canning"

Books on Food Preservation and Home Canning

Additional Resources

Traditions and Trends of Home Food Preservation Webinar Series


  • May 7: Evolution of Home Food Preservation
  • May 21: Trending Techniques in Home Food Preservation
  • June 4: Trending Ingredients in Home Food Preservation
  • June 18: Trending Recipes in Home Food Preservation
  • July 9: Safety Sense
  • July 23: I Saw It on the Internet

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