STEM Focused

Visit 'Ohio STEM: news and events' page. Community development in Pickaway County is led by Extension educator Meghan Thoreau. Her focus is preparing Pickaway County youth for STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) Meghan works collaboratively with a team of Extension professionals, volunteers, campus collaborators, and community partners to provide leadership for the development, production, and evaluation of educational programs and applied research to foster STEM educational opportunities that increase career attainment in STEM fields.

More specifically, she provides leadership and programming to meet current and future needs related to STEM education with Pickaway County schools. She works in conjunction with the Pickaway County Educational Service Center, Pickaway H.E.L.P.S., school district curriculum directors, teachers, economic development organizations, local businesses, and OSU collaborators. Visitor her professional blog, Mind Stretched for additional STEM resources and publications.

STEM Advisory Committee

Our Mission
We are creating a hub of information with shared resources for our community because we need to develop critical thinkers.  

Our Vision
People at all levels are highly engaging lifelong learners who are collaborating and improving lives.

Our Members
Local leadership has converged to invigorate the K-12 talent pipeline toward STEM careers. Our committee is made up of leaders in higher education, business, industry, superintendents, district curriculum directors, K-12 educators, Extension Educators, as well as, local government officials. A total of 17 members comprise the STEM Advisory Committee from across the county, collaborating to boost STEM education, innovation, and community stewardship. The STEM Advisory Committee supports and promotes STEM-specific programs, STEM events, and STEM resources to Pickaway County residents.

Ohio STEM: News and Events

Click here to learn more about local STEM news and events in and around Pickaway County.

Click here to learn more about the STEM Pathways Signature Program Initiative. You can also learn more about all OSU Extension community development programs at Please e-mail,, to submit additional STEM events and programs to increase the STEM experience in Pickaway County.