Teens are encouraged to apply for great awards, events, and scholarships. You must be 14 or older as of January 1, 2018 to apply. Opportunities you may be eligible for include:  camp counselor, state 4-H achievement awards, award trips to Sea Camp, Washington D.C., Forestry Camp, or Leadership Camp, county and state scholarships and special county recognition.  These opportunities have been known to lead to many different, unexpected possibilities down the road.

Need some help? Want more information?  Come to the Teens Awards Training on Thursday, December 7th from 7:00-8:30 pm changed to 5:00 pm at the Pickaway County Extension Office.  We’ll start the night with a little fun and then pass out information that will help you decide what to apply for and understand what you need to do to apply.  Parents are welcome to attend with you! Reservations are required no later than Monday, December 4th by 7:00 pm.

In addition, if you would like assistance with 4-H applications but are not available on December 7th, contact Joy Sharp sharp.5@osu.edu or 740-474-7534 to set up a time.

List of Opportunities - Please read this important information regarding the numerous awards and opportunities that are offered.

  • Camp Counselor Application - Open to all 4-H members at least age 14 and a freshman in high school. Pickaway County 4-H Camp will be held at Tar Hollow on July 11-14. New Camp Counselor Selection will take place on February 28 and is required for any teen that has not been selected as a Pickaway 4-H camp counselor previously. Required Counselor Training will take place monthly on March 17, April 25 and May 23 with Counselor Training Camps at Tar Hollow on June 12 and July 10.  Complete the Pickaway County Counselor application form and receive two advisor/adult recommendations to be eligible for this opportunity. All counselor applications are due January 16, 2018.
  • Ohio 4-H Achievement Record - Use this form to apply for various state and local opportunities, including State Achievement Awards, 4-H Sea Camp, 4-H Citizenship Washington Focus, 4-H Leadership Camp, Ohio Forestry Camp, Buckeye Leadership Workship and Pickaway County Heart H and Service Awards.
  • Pickaway County 4-H Scholarship Application - For high school seniors, the number and amount of the scholarships will be determined at the discretion of the 4-H Committee.  Complete the Pickaway 4-H Scholarship Record (paper version).  Completion of an Ohio 4-H Achievement Record is not needed.  County 4-H Scholarship applications are due January 16, 2018.
  • Ohio 4-H Scholarships - There are many state 4-H scholarships available in 2018.  Each has its own description and its own list of eligibility requirements. Pickaway County 4-H Members planning to attend OSU are especially encouraged to review the requirements for the Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Glick Bolender 4-H Scholarship as it is awarded with a preference to Pickaway County 4-H’ers.  No matter the college you plan to attend, your application for State 4-H Scholarships must be completed on-line. Please review these important application tips. The on-line State 4-H Scholarship application must be submitted by February 15, 2018.
  • Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council - Annually, delegates are selected from each county to serve on the TLC. Ambassadors are selected based on their accomplishments in leadership, public speaking, and community service and are required to attend a comprehensive training, and represent Ohio's 4-H youth at various state and local events. Applications are due August 10, 2018

  • Ohio Youth Capital Challenge -50 high school youth ages 14‐18 will be selected for the 2018 Challenge. Youth will work in teams to identify an issue facing your community (school, neighborhood, town/city, state). The group will develop an action plan for a public policy proposal.  Mandatory program event dates are March 26-27, May 19 and July 27. Your 4-H Educator (Joy) must nominate you by December 1.  Contact our office immediately if you are interested in this opportunity.

  • International Programs - These programs allow 4-H'ers and alumni ages 14-30 to serve as a host to a youth from another country or to travel abroad as a 4-H representative to more than 30 countries around the world. Some scholarships are available for travel. Complete an International Programs packet to be eligible for this opportunity.

Need help tracking what you have accomplished each year? Use this 4-H Career Record book to help.


Please Contact: Joy Sharp 740-474-7534 or sharp.5@osu.edu