Quality Assurance training is required annually for all Junior Fair exhibitors with market animals or lactating animals including dairy cows and dairy goats. Pickaway County will again utilize on-line YQCA training for all members QA requirements.

To complete the training and quiz go to: http://yqca.learngrow.io/Account/Login (sign in using your 4-H online credentials). Each member must be individually registered and must complete the module and quiz that is for their current age as of January 1. Cost is $12 per member. Upon completion, all YQCA certificates must be emailed to sharp.5@osu.edu

As an alternative, some livestock shows and clinics also offer QA. Check with Joy to be sure if it meets the requirements of an approved QA program. ALL QA must be completed by May 1 for members to show at county or state fair. Current ODA rules do not allow for an extension of the May 1 date.

Click here for instructions and tips for using YQCA.