Quality Assurance training is required annually for all Junior Fair exhibitors with market animals or lactating animals including dairy cows and dairy goats. For Pickaway County, on-line YQCA training is the preferred method for 2022. Some livestock clinics also offer QA. Check with Joy to be sure it meets the requirement. ALL QA training must be complete by May 1. If you completed on-line or attended QA outside the county, you are responsible to submit your certification to the Extension Office by May 2.

The YQCA platform changed effective March 23! Any progress on the old YQCA platform did not rollover to the new YQCA platform. 

As of March 23, YQCA has relaunched on their new platform. The new webpage is: yqcaprogram.org You have until May 1 to complete your QA requirement. 

Each member must be individually registered and must complete the module and quiz that is for their current program age, child's age as of January 1, 2022.  Cost is $12 per member. Upon completion, all YQCA certificates must be emailed to sharp.5@osu.edu

Click here for instructions and tips for using the new YQCA platform.

If you have issues with the YQCA system, with your certification or any technical difficulties, please contact help@yqcaprogram.org.


New for 2022

QUALITY ASSURANCE OPTION FOR FIRST YEAR EXHIBITORS New this year we will be offering an in-person QA training for first year exhibitors, ages 8-10 years, on Tuesday, March 22 from 6:30-8:00pm in Heritage Hall. This QA certification will meet the requirements for county and state fair. Please be aware that it will not meet the requirements for a national show. The purpose of this training is to offer a more hands-on, fun learning experience for our younger members. Registration is required and is due by March 15.