Pickaway County Junior Fair Horse Registration - Due May 1, 2024

You should also have access to the most current edition of the Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows (#179).

Please note:  All horses must arrive and be stalled at the fair between 12:00-4:00 pm on Saturday, June 15 with a barn meeting at 5:00pm. Horse shows will take place on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday with a fun show Friday.

All horse registrations, including the registration form, 4 color photos with horse & exhibitor, release form, identification form, class sign-up, and if applicable, Lease Agreements and PAS class sign-up are due at the OSU Extension Office, 110 Island Road, Suite B, Circleville, OH 43113 by May 1. Office hours are 8:00 am–4:30 pm Monday through Friday. We do not have a drop box. Photos should include one of each side, one front, and one rear shot. We recommend you deliver your registrations to our office or mail with enough time for them to be received by May 1. 

Please review the county horse rules carefully including the Helmet Policy.  

Special note to parents: All Horse advisors and parents are responsible for assisting for a half day at one of the horse shows at the fair.  Please sign up to help with at least one item on the bottom portion of your members’ 2024 Junior Fair Horse Registration form.  Thank You! 


Performance Against the Standard, or PAS is Ohio 4-H’s method of qualifying to exhibit in the Ohio State Fair Junior horse shows.  PAS has many regulations you will want to be familiar with.  Please read below for a few details.

PAS Information: If you are interested in trying out for the Ohio State Fair you must qualify at a PAS show. Pickaway will hold its own PAS show on the last day of fair! See the below PAS information for important details!  Note that State Fair requires a negative Coggin’s Test completed after January 1. 

To try out at Pickaway County’s PAS Show you will need to:

  1. Review the Pickaway County PAS Showbill
  2. Complete the Pickaway PAS Registration Form, with your pick of up to 6 classes. 
  3. The Senior Fair Board is generously sponsoring the judge so your fee is just $5 per class payable by check or Money Order only and made out to PCAS.
  4. Turn in your form and money by May 1 to the Extension Office.  Class changes may not be made after that date.
  5. If you qualify for State Fair, you must register and pay your stall fee online on the Ohio State Fair website and upload negative Coggins test and out of county form (if applicable) to 4HOnline, by noon on July 1. Contact the Extension Office if you need assistance with this.

To try out at an additional out-of-county PAS show you will need:

1. PAS Out of County form pre-signed by Joy Sharp (do not wait until the last minute!)

2. Copy of your horse ID form

3. Pictures of all four sides of the horse with the exhibitor in the photos.

  • At the end of the show, you will receive your PAS form back complete with your qualifying information. You will need this form for your State Fair registration. (You do not need to submit this form to the Extension Office.)
  • If you qualify for State Fair, you must register and pay your stall fee online on the Ohio State Fair website and upload negative Coggins test and out of county form to 4HOnline, by noon on July 1

Other Items of Importance:

  • Most counties charge a fee of $10 per class.  Some have additional stall fees.
  • You may attempt to qualify at a maximum of two single-judged PAS shows.
  • You may only utilize one horse for both PAS shows.
  • Counties can set the number of classes you may attempt to qualify in.  Most allow 4 or 6 classes.  You must meet the qualifying standards in two classes to be eligible to compete at the Ohio State Fair. If you qualify in more than two classes, you must select which classes (maximum of four) you will enter in at the Ohio State Fair.
  • State Fair requires proof of a negative Coggins test dated after Jan.1 of this year.
  • Instructions on how to upload your coggins documentation and out of county form to 4HOnline. 

Other Items of Importance:


For other current information on the Ohio 4-H horse program
Visit the Ohio 4-H Horse Program web page