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Buttons & Bowls

Buttons & Bowls
Meeting News Report: Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club held its meeting on Monday May 6 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC. 14 members, 5 advisors and 8 guests were present. Isabelle Capsel and Olivia Snyder led the pledges. Roll call was taken by Secretary Claire Bradbury by stating your favorite cookie. Sean Mayhugh was the guest financial speaker discussing budgeting. Committee Reports: Tours- Claire Bradbury reported on the Ted Lewis Museum tour on Saturday May 4 where 6 members attended. The club will tour Lindsey Bakery on June 3 at 10AM. Community Service- Flowers will be planted at the church at the next meeting. Members will assist at the Washington Alumni Banquet on May 11th. Wyatt Coleman built the community cupboard and members decorated after the meeting.  Cemetery flag placement on May 18 at 10AM at St Paul, Ludwig and Stout Cemeteries. Booth this year will have an Alice in Wonderland theme. Skilliaton on June 6th and early judging is May 30th. Club decided to participate in the Outhouse races at the fair.  Payton Lunsford did her demonstration on making veggie pizza and provided refreshments. The next Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club meeting is May 20 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC.

Scioto Scrappin’& More
Submitted by:  Kassidy Lange

On Saturday, April 6th the Scioto Scrappin’ and More 4-H Club sold handmade crafts and Easter Basket Treats at the Teays Valley High School Craft Show as one of our fundraisers.  This was the first Spring Craft Show put on by Holly Happenings.  It was a successful day for the members.  The members also learned business skills while planning for, shopping for and to pricing their items based on the cost of making the items.  They also learned about the rule of supply and demand and how to run a retail establishment.  This was a fun way to teach business skills in our club. 

Scioto Sassafras
Submitted by:  Emily Frick

On April 5th the Scioto Sassafras 4-H club volunteered at the Circleville Presbyterian Church soup kitchen.  The club members provided and served all the food.  While some members were serving food, others helped make mats out of plastic bags for the homeless to sleep on.  Many people came and enjoyed a good meal.  On April 8th the club members held a regular meeting.  The club accepted a monetary donation from the Commercial Point Ladies Auxiliary.  The members would like to thank them for their generous donation.  The club discussed many creative ideas for this year’s fair booth.  The advisors also answered any questions the members had about their 4-H projects.  Cloverbuds colored in foam eggs to celebrate Easter.  At the next meeting, members will discuss how to execute ideas for the fair booth and a sponsorship opportunity for the club.

Buttons & Bowls
Submitted by:   Isabelle Capsel

Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club held its meeting on Monday April 1 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC. 21 members, 5 advisors and 12 guests were present. Jason Bradbury and Olivia Snyder led the pledges. Roll call was taken by Secretary Claire Bradbury by stating a health top. Committee Reports: Fundraising- Chipotle night on 3/30 was a success, we made enough to support the clubs donation needs. Tours- the club will tour Ted Lewis Museum on Saturday May 4 at 11AM and Lindsey Bakery on June 3 at 10AM. Community Service- Cemetery flag placement on May 18 at 10AM at St Paul, Ludwig and Stout Cemeteries. Donations will be made to the following organizations: Braves Serving Braves, Hope House, Ted Lewis Museum and Foundations 4 Youth. Isabelle Capsel will participate in the County Communication contest on April 4th. Advisor Weta Mae Leist encouraged members to enter items to the Fair open class junior show.  Health Leader- Kimber Waddell had her mom Holly Waddle present to the club about healthy living- educating the members on good eating habits and breathing exercises.  Rachel Peters did her demonstration on the horse, Claire Bradbury presented on a healthy breakfast. Colverbuds learned the parts of the egg and painted eggs. Kimber Waddell and Claire Bradbury provided refreshments. The next Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club meeting is April 15 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC.

Saltcreek Livestock
Submitted by Ryleigh Wolfe

Saltcreek Livestock 2019


             On Thursday March 28th, 2019 Jessica brought the meeting to order at 6:00pm. Pledges were led by Abbie and Blake. Alexis did roll call. We discussed old business of all members getting shirt sizes turned in so we could get shirts ordered. We reminded all members of upcoming Footloose for Fairgrounds held at Amvets on Friday March 29th. We also reminded all members of upcoming Communications contest and Quality Assurance. All market animals need to be in possession by April 15th.

            Holly King and Kathy Mosmeier attended our meeting on behalf of Vinton County National bank. They spoke to our club about the importance of banking and how to open many different kind of accounts at the bank and finances. Bobbi talked to our club about the difference of items we need and items we want. Holly and Kathy worked with our advisors as we had a mock town.. All members had to work doing quality assurance activities to earn a check. Once they received their check they had to go to the bank and cash or deposit their checks then they were able to make choices on how they wanted to spend their money.

            We had an Office supply store were member could purchase pencils, pens, note pads, erasers, flashlights crayons or construction paper. Ice cream shop, Bakery, Seed store were members could purchase seed packets. Candy shop, Gas station where members could purchase chips or drinks and Pizza Shop where members could make their own miniature pizza out of English muffins. All members had a chance to write a check make choices of spending and pay bills. Everyone had a great evening and had lots of goodies to take home with them at the end of the evening.

            We appreciate the support of Vinton County bank employees as we had this fun evening with our members and turned a finance meeting into a fun experience. Our next meeting will be Thursday April 11th, 2019 for Quality Assurance at Logan Elm High School.

Monroe Clever Clovers
Submitted by: Hallie Liff

March 12, 2019

            The Monroe Clever Clovers meeting started off with Morgan Wardell leading both the American and 4H pledges. The roll call was answered by one of our scariest experience. Anna Watkins with the treasurer’s report, Morgan Wardell with the safety report, and finally Lidia Flowers with the environmental report. The Monroe Easter egg hunt will be hosted April 20th, at the park near Five Points Pike. We discussed t - shirts and what kind of designs we would want. The club leader, Dolores Shaeffer, did a demonstration on how to do a demonstration. Since there’s a lot of new, younger members, we all wanted to make sure that they knew how to do it. She did the demo on how properly wrap a box, using signs, posters, a box, and paper. The next meeting will be March 19th, 2019, 7 pm, at the Monroe Township building.

February 25, 2019

            During the February 25 meeting of the Monroe Clever Clovers, there were many activities keeping the group entertained. As always the meeting starts off with the pledges, both were lead by Hallie Liff, proceeding with roll call, being done by a country we would like to visit. We followed the pledges with the reports, Anna Watkins with the treasurer's report, Morgan Wardell reminding everyone to check their smoke alarms, Lidia Flowers educating everyone on the importance of recycling, and finally Sam Elder with the safety report. We discussed if wanted to have t - shirts and what the design should be. The snacks were provided by Lidia Flowers. The next meeting will be March 5th, 7 pm , at the Monroe Township Building.

February 2, 2019

            The Monroe Clever Clover’s fourth meeting of the year had plenty of exciting activities. We started the meeting off with the pledges, as always, the 4 H pledge being led by Gabe Watkins and the American pledge being led by Sam Elder. Roll call was done by naming off something in a first aid kit, while dues and fees were due at the meeting too. Anna Watkins with the treasurer's report, Morgan Wardell with the safety report, Sam Elder with the health report, and Lidia Flowers with the environmental report. We all decided who wanted to be in the fair booth committee and tour committee. The Easter egg hunt is going to be April 20th. The next meeting will be February 15th, 2019 at the Monroe Township building at 7 pm.

Aubrey Colburn
Saddle & Sirloin 4-H Club

Meeting Report

At 7:00 p.m. on March 12th, 2019, the Saddle and Sirloin meeting was called to order at Walnut Elementary School by club Secretary Makayla Robinson. The American Pledge was led by Brayden Gygi, followed by the 4-H pledge with Ella Foster. The devotion was given by Ella Colburn. The role was called by the club’s treasurer, Jesse Schenck, showing that there were 27 members in attendance. Following this, Robinson read the secretary’s minutes from the meeting before. The minutes were approved unanimously by the club members. The treasurer’s report was then read by Schenck, before also being approved by the club.

We then went over dates to remember. This includes the Ohio Beef Expo, taking place from March 15th to the 17th, The Ohio Rabbit and Cavy Clinic on March 25. The next club meeting takes place on March 26th at Walnut Elementary School. The OSU Swine Day takes place on March 30, with the Communication’s Contest entry deadline on April 1st. Another meeting is scheduled for April 2, with the Communication’s Contest on April 4th. the QA at TVEMS is on April 5th, and the Chinese Auction on April 6th at Walnut Elementary. For old business, all the members of the club separated into their separate committees to divide duties and come up with plans.

There was no new business, but the members of the club divided into groups based on their projects and engaged in project breakouts to answer questions. Following this, club members Mya Campbell and Tyler Cook gave their demonstrations. Everyone seated themselves afterword to sign up for pledges and devotion for the next meeting, and Robinson adjourned the meeting at 8:03 p.m.

Scioto Sassafras 4-H Club
Submitted by:  Emily Frick

The Scioto Sassafras 4H club held a meeting on March 11th.  At the meeting, the club had several demonstrations from club members.  Some of the demonstrations included information about fins on rockets, how to make a healthy snack, accessories for a bow and arrow, items needed to quilt, how to read a tape measure, and how to make a tornado in a bottle.  The club also discussed their upcoming tour day during spring break.  Members will be touring Kingston National Bank and Wittich’s Candy Shop in Circleville in the morning and then will be visiting with residents of Brown Memorial Home and Logan Elm Health Care Center in the afternoon.  The snack for the meeting was provided by the Ridley family. 

On March 12th the club held a fundraiser at the Chipotle restaurant on London Groveport Road in Grove City.  We were able to raise 256.75 dollars towards sponsoring a pen at the Pickaway County Fair Grounds.  We want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to support us!  The next club meeting will be held on March 25th at 7pm.

Fair Game 4-H Club
By: Morgan Dunham

The January 28th meeting of the Fair Game 4-H club was called to order by President, Tiffany Sunday.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lilly Nye and the 4-H pledge was led by Jack Burke.  Health Officer Lilly Nye gave a report on heart disease and Safety Officer Jack Burke gave a report on cold weather safety.  Treasurer Emily Stevens gave the treasure report and The December minutes were read by secretary, Elizabeth Cumminings. Members were reminded of the club Officer training that will be held February 7th at Ohio Christian University and changes for the 2019 fair were discussed. Members will meet February 12th to put together Valentine’s Day treat bags for residents of Brown Memorial Nursing Home. Tiffany Sunday presented a presentation to promote the Pickaway County meat judging team. Project books were handed out and demonstration dates were assigned. The next meeting will be held February 28, 2019 @ 6p.m. at the Pickaway County Library

Buttons & Bowls
Submitted by:  Jennifer Hendershot

Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club held its meeting on Monday March 4 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC. 16 members, 5 advisors and 8 guests were present. Isabelle Capsel and Sarah Polinski led the pledges. Roll call was taken by Secretary Claire Bradbury by stating your favorite music person. Farm Bureau will be providing t-shirts for all club members and advisors. The Community Service committee discussed building food cupboard boxes. Isabelle Capsel did a demonstration on “How to Make Homemade Egg Noodles” and Sarah Polinski showed “How to make a scalp cleanser”. Cloverbuds discover what items sink and float. Club members worked on their project books in the area of Leadership/Citizenship/Organized activities.  Isabelle Capsel provided snacks. The next Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club meeting is March 18 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC.

Buttons & Bowls
Submitted by:  Jennifer Hendershot

Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club held its meeting on Monday February 18 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC. 18 members, 4 advisors and 13 guests were present. Isabelle Capsel and Sarah Polinski led the pledges. Roll call was taken by Secretary Claire Bradbury by stating your favorite animal. Claire Bradbury and Olivia Snyder attend the County wide 4-H Officer training and reported on their experience. The Fundraising Committee will set dates for Chipotle and Panda Express. The Tour Committee is looking into a tour of Lindsey bakery. The Community Service committee discussed putting in flags at local cemeteries for memorial day. Olivia Snyder did a demonstration on “How to make fruit dip” and Samantha Mayhugh provided an overview of her goat project. Cloverbuds learned about US Presidents and made a log cabin. Olivia Snyder provided snacks. The next Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club meeting is March 4 at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC.

Wild Wild West
Submitted by:  Abby Baker

As usual we started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Marley Jones and the 4-H pledge led by Julia Helenthal.  At the meeting we passed out project books and our club T-shirts. (Which look fabulous by the way.) As a club we decided to donate $100 dollars to the weekend food bag community service we did at the meeting with Thecala Acord. We had a guest speaker named Shena Justice who talked to us about finances. If you know a Wild West 4-Her you’re in luck because we are raffling off a hog! We received the tickets at the meeting. There is footloose at the fairgrounds on March 29. 4-H camp dates are in… It’s July 10-13! I’m excited to go back for my second year! Officer training was available February 7th from 6:30 to 8:00. QA training dates: March 26th 7-8:30 at Teays Valley High School, April 5th 7-8:30 at Teays Valley East Middle School. As a club we are sponsoring an award and a spot on the sponsor wall. Our historian decided that the job wasn’t worth the pay, which is nothing, and resigned, so we elected a new one(s). Delaine Stark and Evie Layton took the job and are working together to make the scrap book. The meeting was then adjourned.

Saddle & Sirloin 4-H Club
Submitted by:  Aubrey Colburn

February 19th Club Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. in Walnut Elementary school by club president, Caroline Winter. The American Pledge was then led by Adam McManes, the 4-H Pledge by AJ Mahoney, the devotional was given by Tyler Cook. The dinner that evening was provided that evening by all the families that signed up for poultry projects this year.

Following this, the roll call was read by Makayla Robinson, with 24 members being present. The secretary’s minutes from the last meeting on February 8th were read and approved unanimously by the club. The treasurer’s report was prepared and read by club treasurer, Jesse Schenck. The report stood as read, with him also discussing Achievement Records. Schenck won a trip to State Leadership Camp, while Hamilton Drost won the Citizenship Washington trip.

This meeting, the members of the club signed up for different committees in the club. In the Fairbooth committee, the club has Tyler Cook, the Gygi family, Aiden and Jessica Woods, and Kylee and Candace Robinson. For the Chinese Auction, they have Ella Foster, Jesse Schenck, Kaleb Mullins, Abigail Haines, Kate Bitter, Hamilton Drost, Leigha McManes, Kylee Robinson, and Emma Smith. For the Outhouse Race, they have AJ Mahoney, Hamilton Drost, Caroline Winter, and Jesse Schenck. Adam McManes signed up for Community Service.

For old business, the club discussed T-shirts. They talked about pricing, as well as the material the shirts would be made of and the time for their order to be made. For new business, the Cloverbuds met and colored a wooden craft with a 4-H clover. Demonstrations soon followed, with Leigha McManes on different breeds of goats, and Kaleb Mullins on what you need to show a rabbit. A new member was also introduced to the club, Morgan Griffith. The deadline for the Communication’s Contest signup was discussed, as well as the date of the actual contest. Deadlines for the competition are due on April 1st, and the show is to take place on April fourth.

Assignments for next meeting were then discussed, before Adam McManes made a motion to adjourn the meeting. This motion was seconded by Hamilton Drost before the meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

Saltcreek Livestock at the Bowling Alley.

January 2019

Saltcreek livestock
Submitted by Ryleigh Wolfe

    At 12:30 Saltcreek Livestock Members Met at Shawnee Lanes in Chillicothe. We all had Pizza and we played rounds of Bowling. We had a great afternoon and look forward to fun in the future.  We meet for a 4-H meeting Wednesday January 23 @ 6:00pm at Living by Faith ministries.  

Saltcreek Livestock
Submitted by Ryleigh Wolfe

            At 6:00pm Thursday January 10th Saltcreek Livestock had a meeting at Whistler Church. The meeting was brought to order by Jessica Hartley. There were 13 members and 4 adults present. Pledges were led by Matt McFarland and Alexis Patterson. Roll Call was done by Alexis and Peyten, as Alexis did role call Peyten asked that everyone respond with their favorite healthy food.

            Committee reports consisted of Grace giving treasure report, Alexis read minutes from the last meeting. We discussed unfinished business of collecting enrollment forms and voted on club dues.
            New business discussion possible new meeting location. Asked members to bring ideas to next meeting to bring to a vote.  Upcoming officer training on February 7th. National 4-H week is January 27th-February  2nd.
            Make it happen Monday-plan or share pictures of a community service project.  
             4-H T-shirt Tuesday- Wear 4-H shirt to school or work. 
            Window Wednesday- decorate a Business window or put up posters. 
            Throwback Thursday-   post pictures of a past 4-h event  
            Favorite project Friday- share a story or picture of your favorite project.

We voted to get together and decorate the window at the Laurelville Hardware, for 4-H week. Also all members are invited to go bowling at Shawnee Lanes on Monday January 21st.
Advisor updates- advisor training will be held on January 29. We also talked about new fairground progress.
Joe Cook shared with members pointers on giving demonstrations and talked about everyone in the club needing to do a demonstration this year. Meeting was adjourned by Jessica Hartley and all members participated in Recreation win the candy bar led by Kim and Blake.

Our next meeting will be held on January 23rd @ Living by Faith Ministries.

Scioto Sassafras
Submitted by:  Emily Frick

At the January 14th Scioto Sassafras 4-H club meeting many topics were discussed. The first item of business was club service projects.  The club decided that they would be sponsoring an animal pen at the fairgrounds, working in a soup kitchen, and visiting local nursing homes.  Next, the club discussed membership requirements and signed the club’s bylaws.  Then, the club members discussed Jr. Achievement Records and officer training, which is where officers, such as the president of the club, go to learn more about their office.  After that the club members were given small posters to put up to celebrate Pickaway County 4-H week, which is the last week of January, and to promote the club.  Finally, the cloverbuds, who are club members in kindergarten to second grade, recited the 4-H pledge and shared what the four H’s stand for with the rest of the club.  Snack was provided by club members.  At the next meeting themes for this year’s 4-H booth will be discussed. The next Scioto Sassafras 4-H club meeting will be held on Monday, January 28th, at 7pm in the Scioto Elementary cafeteria.       

Buttons & Bowls
Submitted by:  Isabelle Capsel

Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club held its first meeting of the year on Monday January 7th at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC. Sixteen members were present. Isabelle Capsel and Wyatt Coleman led the pledges. Members were assigned to the following committees: Community Service; Club Tour; Fair Parade; 4-H Window and Fair Booth. Advisor Jen Hendershot gave a report on the club fundraising for the year. Members selected projects and paid annual dues. Election of officers took place: President- Emma McKibben; Vice President- Wyatt Coleman; Secretary- Claire Bradbury; Treasurer- Sylvia Mayhugh; News Reporter-Isabelle Capsel; Co-Historians- Olivia Snyder and Rachel Peters; Health Leader- Kimber Waddell; Safety Leader- Samantha Mayhugh; Recreation Leader- Hannah Daniels. Club members worked on goal writing and the Colverbuds completed an “All about Me” project. Advisors Jen Hendershot and Lisa Hedrick provided snacks. The next Buttons & Bowls 4-H Club meeting is January 21st  at 7 PM at St. Paul UMC.

Wild Wild West
Submitted by:  Heather Baker

Wild Wild West 4-H had a meeting on December 2nd. That meeting we went out and Christmas caroled in the West Scioto Green neighborhood. As we caroled we collected canned food for South Point Church’s food pantry. After we sang for the entire neighborhood, we went back to the West Middle School cafeteria and had the meeting. In the meeting, we talked about the county wide quality assurance, but the dates have not been determined yet. The steers are going to be in possession by December 15. The steer weigh-in is on the 22. Already planned, the skillathon is on June 6th and 7th. The animal move in day is the 15th of June. The meeting part was then adjourned but nobody left because it was time for…drumroll please… our annual white elephant Christmas gift exchange! The rules of this game are simple, and it is a fun thing to do with family. First we drew numbers from a hat, one number for each person. Next we went in numerical order from least to greatest. We went around three times. Each person had the chance to either choose a wrapped present or choose an unwrapped present from somebody who has already opened a gift. Everyone had an exciting/funny gift as they went home that night. I know I’m still enjoying my play-dough!

4-H News
Saddle & Sirloin
Submitted by:  Aubrey Colburn

Secretary’s Report: December 4, 2018

At seven p.m., at Walnut Elementary School, the meeting was called to order by the club’s president Caroline Winter. Following this, Abigail Haines led the American pledge. Tyler Cook led the 4-H pledge, with the devotion being read by our treasurer, Jesse Schenck. Makayla Robinson then lead the roll call, showing that there were 27 members in attendance.

            Robinson then read the secretary’s report, with Schenck reading the treasurer’s report afterword. This report stood as read, with no other officer reports following. The club together discussed the Chinese Auction, deciding that the Boy Scouts would run the concessions stand again this year. The club also voted to purchase a 40” TV as a big-ticket item for the auction.

            The club also discussed the deadline for enrollment forms regarding projects. They then held demonstrations, with Iva O’Dell giving a demonstration on horse grooming, Annie Little demonstrating how to show a rabbit and how to prepare a rabbit for a show, and Jesse Schenck discussing how to take a miscellaneous project for the club.

            For New Business, the club decided that they would go to the Pickaway Manor to deliver holiday cards on December 23rd at 3 p.m. We also introduced several new members: Jaxon McComas, Megan Mays, Sydney Mays, Brinleigh Gygi, Brayden Gygi, Aiden Woods, Wyatt Woods, and Gavin Woods.

            The club then did the assignments for next meeting, and we adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

December 12, 2018
Buttons and Bowls 4-H Club

The Buttons and Bowls 4-H Club held their achievement/organization meeting on November 19.  Certificates and pins were presented to members for their work last year.  Special recognition was given those members who placed with their judging or went to State Fair with their projects.  Plans were made for the upcoming year.

The December meeting was held on December 3 when the members went caroling at Pickaway Manor.  A short business meeting was held after the caroling and members were presented with a Christmas treat from the club.

The next meeting will be on January 7, at 7:00 PM, at St. Paul U.M. Church.  Election of officers will be held and committees appointed for the coming year. 

Saddle and Sirloin 4-H Club
Submitted by:  Aubrey Colburn

November 7, 2018

Election of Officers Report

This year, the president of Saddle and Sirloin 4-H club is Caroline Winter. Acting as Vice President is Hannah Mullins. The position of Secretary is filled by Makayla Robinson, with Jesse Schenck serving as the elected Treasurer.

Recording our year will be Taylor Rieder, our Historian for this year. Aubrey Colburn was elected as the News Reporter for our club, with Ella Colburn acting as both Health Leader and Safety Leader for the second year now. Baileigh Rieder is serving as our Recreation leader this year, with Tucker O’Dell acting as our Environmental Officer.

Tristan Minier is leading the club’s community service projects as Community Service Officer. Aubrey Colburn will be the Member-Mentor officer. Jesse Schenck, who is also the Treasurer for the club, is taking on additional duties as the Attitude and Gratitude officer. Hamilton Drost, the former president of the club, is continuing his leadership streak by being the Achievement Records officer. Makayla Johnson, the Secretary for the club, is leading the Fair Booth Committee. Baileigh reader, who is serving the club in another office position, is also acting as the Ohio 4-H Week officer.

The next meeting of the Saddle and Sirloin 4-H club was held on November 6th, 2018.

Wild Wild West 4-H Club
Submitted by:  Abigail Baker

The Wild Wild West 4-H Club had their first meeting on October 8, 2018. The first thing done at the meeting was the Pledge of Allegiance that was led by Spencer Kocheran and the 4-H pledge which was led by Dalynn Jacobs. The club went over any lessons they learned at fair or any suggestions for improvement. Certificates were passed out for years in 4-H. The club asked for volunteers to lead the clover buds group and advisors for the club. The club decided on a t-shirt design.  We asked for someone to do the fair booth and Jill Atkins is going to take charge of that. We voted to do Thanksgiving bags at the Commercial Point Methodist Church and weekend bags with Thelca for community service. The fundraiser is still to be determined.  After- meeting- snack sign-up sheet was passed around as well. The first meeting is when Wild Wild West 4-H club elects new officers. Listed below are the positions filled.

President: Grace Atkins
Vise President: Marley Jones
Secretary: Riley Khoade
Treasurer: Zach Helenthal
Health and Safety: Evie Layton
Historian: Shila Greer
News Reporter: Abigail Baker

The meeting was then adjourned.

Scioto Scrappin' & More
Submitted by:  Kassidy Lange

The Scioto Scrappin’ and More 4-H Club held its first meeting on September 9, 2018.  The meeting was called to order by President Ambrosia Havan.  The American Pledge was led by Kassidy Lange and the 4-H Pledge was led by Makayla Lange.  The club members talked about their experiences at both the Pickaway County Fair and the Ohio State Fair.  We reviewed things we can improve on and celebrated our successes.  We discussed ideas for Community Service and fundraising for the upcoming year.  We decided to have meetings where the education part of the meeting will focus on each of the project areas.  We will select a member to be the leader in each of the project areas.  Demonstrations will be given at these meetings and the leader of each of the project areas will provide the snack for that meeting.  The list will be in our Club Program.   The new officers for Scioto Scrappin’ and More were elected at this meeting.  They are as follows:

President: Makayla Lange
Vice President: Avalon Havan
Secretary: Kassidy Lange
Treasurer: Ambrosia Havan
Health and Safety Officer: Anam Havan
Historian: Allison Remick

Scioto Scrappin' & More

June 6, 2018

Scioto Scrappin’ and More 4H Club

The Scioto Scrappin’ and More 4H Club had a Memorial Day Cook Out at Alli Remick’s house.  The club members each brought food dishes from their Food Project Books.  They talked about how they made the dishes and their nutritional value.  The club members also did demonstrations.  Makayla Lange talked about her Am I Ready for Work Project and handed out workbooks to each member that contained information on Exploring Careers based on your interests and how to get ahead on finding the right college for you.  Ambosia Havan shared her Row By Row Experience with us from her Quilting Project.  Anam Havan brought material for each member to do an experiment making a Loopy Plane from his Science Fun with Physics Project.  Kassidy Lange showed everyone how to make Antiseptic Wash.  She brought the supplies for each member to make their own Antiseptic Wash to take with them.  Avalon Havan show the club members how to correctly take their pulse.  She also talked about healthy heart rates.  Alli Remick talked about her Exploring Ponds Project and everyone went out to her pond for some observations.  The club members also assembled a Chicken Coop.  We discussed the Parade that we will be participating in at the Pickaway County Fair.  Finally, our club designed our Fair Booth for this year’s Pickaway County Fair.   

Scioto Scrappin

June 5, 2018

Scioto Scrappin’ and More 4H Club

The Scioto Scrappin’ and More 4H Club volunteered at the Scioto Township High School Class Reunion on Saturday, May 19th.  Club members helped the attendees carry their dinner plates and drinks as needed, they worked the drink table, helped refill items for the attendees and cleared the tables after the meal.  Our club members enjoy volunteering at this event.