The dedication and commitment of our volunteers make 4-H Youth Development possible. Volunteers generously offer their time and expertise and provide support for hundreds of 4-H programs all over Ohio.

Thinking about becoming a 4-H Advisor in Pickaway County? Please print the New Volunteer Applicaiton packet that includes the application and all the instructions.

Club Resources

  • 4-H Club Advisor Handbook
    This handbook is posted on the State 4-H web page and contains a wealth of information concerning club management.

The Ohio 4-H Club Constitution has been updated for 2024. ALL clubs must utilize this updated Club Constitution document as is. The By-Laws are your place to include your club and our county rules.  Remember to have all club members sign your club constitution annually.

Here are some important details to know:

  • All Ohio 4-H clubs are required to adopt and utilize the new constitution.   
  • The constitution can only be updated in 2 places: In Article I fill in your club name and Pickaway County. In Article IV you can add policies that will require a 2/3 majority vote. 
  • One change in this constitution is in Article VIII Section B where “member in good standing” is discussed. This is important for member completion as well as in receiving county 4-H approval to exhibit at county and state fairs.  
  • The constitution should be brought up as an agenda item at your club meeting, officially voted on, and signed.  Because the constitution is complete as is, it can be ratified as one entire document, meaning approval of each individual article is not necessary. 
  • Your club should have By-Laws. They should include additional club/county information such as: members must attend a minimum of 6 meetings and complete a demonstration; any/all of your own club requirements on community service and/or fundraisers; dues; project completion; meeting days/times; etc. 
  • It is highly encouraged that in your club By-Laws you add a policy for 4-H members that are away at college.  This policy would state “for 4-H members that are away at college, a “club meeting” will include regular club meetings, club community service projects, and skillathon and/or project judging.”  Club advisors may add/change items that will be counted, however those items should be in-print and included in the club By-Laws.  You may not change the number of attendance items from a minimum of 6 as that is a state 4-H requirement.  
  • As in the past we will give Honor Club Points for turning in copies of your Constitution and By-Laws that have been signed by all club members.