What is a 4-H Project?

A 4-H project is made up of three types of activities:

  • Hands-on activities: making, producing, selling, practicing, observing, testing, interviewing, etc.
  • Organized activities: demonstrations, speeches, workshops, camps, county judging, exhibits, etc.
  • Leadership/Citizenship activities: planning, teaching, assisting, informing, organizing, etc.

When choosing a project, consider your interests, background, what is necessary to start your project, and what resources are available to help you complete it.

The 2022 Ohio 4-H Family Guide is the complete listing of all Ohio 4-H Projects.

Please be aware of the following project updates for the 2022 program year:

365.00 3D Printing
365.00 Disability Advocacy and Awareness
365.00 PhysBot - Your 4-H Fitness Tracker
365.04 Going Green: Learning to Lead a Sustainable Life
434 Superhero You
Revised or Replaced: New Title (Old Title)
127 Dairy Calf, Heifer, and Cow Project and Record Book (Dairy Heifer Project and Record Book & Dairy Cow Project and Record Book)
370 Mentoring: Leadership in Action (Mentoring: One on One)
476 Kitchen Boss (Pathways to Culinary Success)


























Self-Determined Projects
If you're a 4-H member with a great project idea of your own or someone who's ready to go beyond a current project book, consider doing a self-determined project. Use the Self-Determined Project Guide to describe your project, set goals, and record your activities. The Self-Determined Project Guide and all of the Idea Starters can be found on the Ohio 4-H Web page. *Self-Determined Projects are not recommended for members ages 9-11.

Individual project numbers for all idea starters are being dropped in 2021. Instead, youth enroll in one of these broader topic areas:
365.00 General
365.01 Companion Animal
365.02 Creative Arts
365.03 Family Life
365.04 Natural Resources
365.05 Quilt
365.06 Workforce Preparation

Pickaway County Self Determined Project Tip Sheet

Learn more about 4-H projects on Project Central
Thinking about exploring a new project area? Not sure if a project is the right fit for you? Find the answers to these questions on projectcentral.ohio4h.org! Use Project Central to digitally flip through the first pages of any project book and to read what other members and volunteers are saying about it.

Using Project Central is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4...

  1. Use three different options to SEARCH for projects and resources
  2. FIND what you are looking for
  3. Select a project or resource to LEARN about the publication. Preview sample pages and view other users' feedback.
  4. RATE the publication and add your own feedback!

Visit Project Central to find projects that interest you or to rate and leave comments about ones you already know about.