4-H Basics

Welcome to Pickaway County 4-H 2014! Through 4-H, youth learn leadership, citizenship, life skills, and more! Eligibility for 4-H membership begins when a child is age 5 and is enrolled in Kindergarten as of January 1 of the current year (Cloverbuds). Membership to the 4-H club program begins when a child is at least 8 years old and enrolled in the 3rd grade as of January 1 of the current year. Ohio 4-H membership ends December 31 of the year in which an individual attains the age of 19. The expectations for 4-H membership are a balance among 4-H project work, involvement in the 4-H club, participation in 4-H activities and events, and working towards improving one's personal growth.

In 2013, there were 36 active 4-H Clubs in Pickaway County with 818 members. Over 1,000 children participated in 4-H school enrichment programs in their local schools.

4-H Branding


40 Questions You Always Wanted Answered about Ohio 4-H

The 4-H Emblem

4-H CloverThe 4-H emblem is a highly valued mark within our country's history. As such, it was granted a very unique status; it is in a category similar to the Presidental Seal and the Olympic Emblem. It is protected by the federal government and is under the responsibility of the Secretary of Agriculture. The "18 USC 707" marking that appears along the right lower leaf is coding that protects the use of the clover.

The 4-H Colors

  • Green is nature's most common color and represents youth, life and growth
  • White symbolizes purity and high ideals.

The 4-H Motto: "To Make the Best Better"

The 4-H motto refers to each member. It means that each member will do the "best" that he/she possibly can in whatever is attempted. The member will then strive to improve the next time, so his or her initial "Best" becomes "Better." The 4-H motto encourages members to stretch their abilities and capacities to reach greater achievement, within their own potential.

The 4-H Pledge

I pledge my Head for Clearer Thinking, my Heart for Greater Loyalty, my Hands for Larger Service, my Health for Better Living, for my Club, my Community, my Country and my World.


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County 4-H News
4-H Opportunities Day
This open house styled event will take place at the Fairgrounds in the Coliseum on Saturday, March 29 from 9:00-11:30 am. This event is geared toward both new and returning 4-H members and their families. It will give families an opportunity to learn about projects & programs they have not yet participated in. Click "read more" for more information...
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4-H Communications Contest
Are you a 4-H'er who likes to talk, talk, talk? Or are you good at showing others what you have learned through your projects? Are you good at designing things? Then consider entering the Pickaway County 4-H Communications Contest held on Thursday April 10, 2014. Click "read more" for details & entry form...
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